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Magic Wand


Magic Wand is an intelligent input device, which integrated dual-function of flying mouse and wireless keyboard. It likes a traditional mouse to operate the screen cursor well , also like a wireless keyboard which can enter numbers ,letters, symbols, very well, but need not to be placed on any flats. You can use it directly by shaking or moving in the air. As a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, compared with traditional mouse and keyboard, Magic Wand rid the operation which must be used on the desktop thoroughly.

The Magic Wand uses 2.4GHz wireless technology at the present .Taking the Magic Wand in your hands, moving it slightly, the corresponding cursor will move on the screen accordingly and ready to point to the characters in the screen. The sampling frequency of the Magic Wand can up to 120Hz. The operation is flexible and smooth. It won’t appear angular or broken line phenomenon when you drawing a circle or curve on the screen .the lines are sleek and delicate, showing a high level of smoothness

The operating distance of Magic Wand can up to 30m, the remote points of view without restriction.Sensitive keys , strong anti-jamming ,and high degree of consistency which maintained by the hand movements and the screen cursor, making the user easy to operate.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 6.5 × 3 cm