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Red Rhino Entertainment uses its Manufacturing teams in China for (OEM) Original equipment manufacturer and (ODM) Original design manufacturer applications for specific Hardware Designs. When the hardware is completed it is shipped to our distribution warehouse located in Toronto, Canada for Software Development. Once the device passes our rigorous (QC) Quality Control to make sure the Software and Hardware is working perfectly so you the customer can enjoy a plug and play experience, it is shipped to our sales teams across Canada/USA which handles sales and service.


We offer friendly knowledgeable service and fast shipping. We ship to Canada ,USA, for all other countries please contact us for shipping rates before ordering.


Microsoft Corporation released The Original Xbox in 2001, it sparked a revolution for Homebrew Software developers. It gave developers a expensive piece of hardware and a very cheep price at the time, thus creating several groups to develop custom software for the modified Xbox. In 2002 Xbox Media Player was created or (XBMP) for short. XBMP is now Obsolete. In 2003 Its predecessor Xbox Media Center or (XBMC) for short was released. People were watching free uninterrupted no commercials on demand TV since 2002, but you needed a modified Xbox.


In 2007 Apple Inc. released Apple TV it was of course jail broken and XBMC was installed. In 2010 Apple Inc. introduced AppleTV2 a 720p version that was jail broken and XBMC was installed. until today you can get used appletv2 but its only in 720p, they are very pricey. 2013 Apple Inc. released there third generation appletv3 this device cannot be jail broken.


Google Inc. in 2008 released Android Operating System. A open source application, just like XBMC so of course this would be a perfect fit. open source OS, open source media center.


Using the Android OS we have a device that works like MAGIC. Connect your Android’s phone/Tablets contacts directly to the device, Check Your Social Media, Check Emails. Just Plug and Play.


Red Rhino Entertainment is dedicated to after sale customer service and offers full support on all our units.


Buy With Confidence!


SHIPPING: Red Rhino Entertainment ships everywhere in Canada and USA, and also offers international shipping please contact us for shipping rates before ordering.


All products are fully tested and are all backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty and quick replacements for any defects.  No Refunds.

Feel safe and confident to buy from Red Rhino Entertainment.